Electroplating Systems & Plating Supplies

Barrels & Spares
Cranes and Transporters
Dipping Baskets & Anode Cages
Drying Oven
Effluent Plant
Electrical Control Systems
Filters & Pumps
Heaters & Thermostats
Motors and Gear Boxes Tanks and Fittings
New & Reconditioned Plant
Plating Lines (Manual Racking Systems Manual Barrel, Semi Automatic, Fully AutomaticRack Line, Fully Automatic Barrel Line)
Plating Vats
Spin Dryers Ammeters
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic Cleaning and Degreasing

Aero Parts & Components

Aircraft Interiors

Aerospace Raw Materials

Aircraft Smoking Kits & Smoke Oils

Aircraft Tires & Tubes

Aircraft Batteries

Aircraft Weighing Systems

Airport Lighting / Alternative Energy ProductsMarshalling Wands/

Arial Platform / Articulating Booms

Avionics Equipment

Aviation Filteration

AVR / MVR / Gensets

Bullet & Blast-Resistant Products / Ballistic Protection Systems / Explosive Detectors

Coated Fabrics / Tanks / A/C Fuel Cells /Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

Composites & GRP Materials

Compressed Air Solutions / Industrial Supplies / Hydraulics

Drone & UAVs

Electrical & Harness Solutions

Electroplating Systems & Plating Supplies

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Suppression System

GSE / Battery Charges

Laboratory / Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

Measuring Instruments / Test Equipment / PME / Avionics Test Equipment

Metal Spray / Welding Supplies

NDT Equipment & Magnaflux Supplies

Pilot Supplies

POL(Oils / Lubricants / Sealants / Greases / Aerospace Coatings

Saab-Saffari / MFI-17 / Mushashk /Super Mushashk Spare Support

Synethtic & Extreme Lubricity Products

Survival Systems Limited - Modular Egress Training Simulator (Mets)

Tools /CNC Machinery/Accessories/DRO

TPS 43 Radar Spares & Supprot

Water Distillation Products

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