Compressed Air Solutions / Industrial Supplies / Hydraulics

Replacement parts for  most Rotary Screw Air Compressors including; Alup, Sullair,
Quincy, Ingersol Rand, Gardner Denver, Joy, Palatek, Kaiser.  Separators, Oil Filters,
Air Filters, Coolants and Oils, Replacement Air Ends, Controls, Water-Cooled Coolers
and Radiators
Air Pollution Control
Airborne - Air & Fuel Products
Composite Sealing Systems  (formerly O-Seal) 
Control - pneumatic and electronic
Engineered Polymer Systems  
Fluid Connectors Group 
Fluid Handling 
Glass/Fiberglass Manufacturing 
Hose and Fittings, version 2.1  
Hydraulic Filters 
Hydraulic Motors 
Hydraulic Valves 
Industrial air filtration (Gas turbine / HVAC)
Industrial air tools
Industrial compressors and ancillaries
Industrial Material Handling
Instrumentation Valves & Connectors 
Investment Casting 
Laboratory Equipment
Maintenance equipment
Metal Casting
Metal Forming
Metal Pickling
Metal Plating
Moving and air handling equipment
New Rotary Screw Air Compressors / Piston Air Compressors 
Oil Processing 
Piston compressors and ancillaries
Pneumatic Valves 
Pollution / CEM
Power Generation
Primary Metals Manufacturing
Process equipment
Process Filters, version 1.5 
Pumping equipment
Quick Couplings
Refrigeration Components 
Welding equipment
Workshop air tools

Aero Parts & Components

Aircraft Interiors

Aerospace Raw Materials

Aircraft Smoking Kits & Smoke Oils

Aircraft Tires & Tubes

Aircraft Batteries

Aircraft Weighing Systems

Airport Lighting / Alternative Energy ProductsMarshalling Wands/

Arial Platform / Articulating Booms

Avionics Equipment

Aviation Filteration

AVR / MVR / Gensets

Bullet & Blast-Resistant Products / Ballistic Protection Systems / Explosive Detectors

Coated Fabrics / Tanks / A/C Fuel Cells /Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

Composites & GRP Materials

Compressed Air Solutions / Industrial Supplies / Hydraulics

Drone & UAVs

Electrical & Harness Solutions

Electroplating Systems & Plating Supplies

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Suppression System

GSE / Battery Charges

Laboratory / Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

Measuring Instruments / Test Equipment / PME / Avionics Test Equipment

Metal Spray / Welding Supplies

NDT Equipment & Magnaflux Supplies

Pilot Supplies

POL(Oils / Lubricants / Sealants / Greases / Aerospace Coatings

Saab-Saffari / MFI-17 / Mushashk /Super Mushashk Spare Support

Synethtic & Extreme Lubricity Products

Survival Systems Limited - Modular Egress Training Simulator (Mets)

Tools /CNC Machinery/Accessories/DRO

TPS 43 Radar Spares & Supprot

Water Distillation Products

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