Soaring High, Inc. is a one stop Distributor, Dealer and Representative of specialized Aviation, Industrial, Mechanical and Electronic parts providing high performance hardware and equipments for aerospace, electronics, defence, textile and engineering industries of South East Asia & Middle East.


We take great pride in our customer retention, service and solutions to all technical problems in all the arenas that we cover i.e., importing, trading, distribution and dealership of Aviation, Electronic and Engineering Products. To meet deadlines and respond to customers it is vital to have efficient archiving; this, together with a prompt response from a communicative and caring staff SH Inc. is both easy and cooperative. Keeping your air machines air borne and industries on the run is our top priority.

Proclaim excellence by meeting the requirements of customers and providing exceptionally accurate and crucial aviation and industrial products at competitive prices, hence committing ourselves to ensuring a successful delivery in the measured time; ranking ourselves to be world class leaders in parts and equipment distribution.
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Aero Parts & Components

Aircraft Interiors

Aerospace Raw Materials

Aircraft Smoking Kits & Smoke Oils

Aircraft Tires & Tubes

Aircraft Batteries

Aircraft Weighing Systems

Airport Lighting / Alternative Energy ProductsMarshalling Wands/

Arial Platform / Articulating Booms

Avionics Equipment

Aviation Filteration

AVR / MVR / Gensets

Bullet & Blast-Resistant Products / Ballistic Protection Systems / Explosive Detectors

Coated Fabrics / Tanks / A/C Fuel Cells /Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

Composites & GRP Materials

Compressed Air Solutions / Industrial Supplies / Hydraulics

Drone & UAVs

Electrical & Harness Solutions

Electroplating Systems & Plating Supplies

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Suppression System

GSE / Battery Charges

Laboratory / Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

Measuring Instruments / Test Equipment / PME / Avionics Test Equipment

Metal Spray / Welding Supplies

NDT Equipment & Magnaflux Supplies

Pilot Supplies

POL(Oils / Lubricants / Sealants / Greases / Aerospace Coatings

Saab-Saffari / MFI-17 / Mushashk /Super Mushashk Spare Support

Synethtic & Extreme Lubricity Products

Survival Systems Limited - Modular Egress Training Simulator (Mets)

Tools /CNC Machinery/Accessories/DRO

TPS 43 Radar Spares Supprot

Water Distillation Products

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